Dhoom Dois*

*Or "Yes, We Have No Bandanas"   Oh, meu Deus, there's so much I didn't like about this film..... the background music using cheesy  portuñol ... [ Read More ]

Kabul Calling

Have a listen to this story from NPR, set in Afghanistan, and see if you can identify that ringtone in the first minute of the story. This girl ... [ Read More ]


  This Canadian short film shows the lengths that Pria (Natasha Chandel), a 15-year-old  South Asian  girl goes to in an  effort to lose her ... [ Read More ]

Still to come

Pria, Twins of Mankala, Davy and Stu, Nina's Heavenly Delights, 0:0pm, Sirah, 1001 Auditions, My Bollywood Bride. ... [ Read More ]

Hiding Divya

Rehana Mirza's locally set (New York/New Jersey) film  touches on something I don't think I've ever seen represented in any Indian-American production ... [ Read More ]