Madhavan Takes Manhattan

 Madhavan Takes Manhattan  

….well, a corner of it at least….

Here are a few pics from tonight’s one-night-only NY screening at The Imaginasian of Evano Oruvan, the Tamil remake of the Marathi film Dombivli Fast.   The actor/co-producer was present, as well as the director, Nishikant Kamat, and Maddy’s leading lady, Sangeetha.   The event was sponsored by HSBC’s NRI division.

For those who hadn’t seen the original (myself included), it’s the story of an average guy, who’s married, has  two kids and works in a bank.   He does the same routine over and over,  and his anger at the injustices of day-to-day life boils over and he acts out.   The majority of the film deals with what happens in 3 days of Vasu’s life after he crosses a point of no apparent return.

As we already saw in  Aayitha Ezhuthu, Kannathil Muthamittal and Guru, Madhavan is now easily able to glide away and  temporarily leave behind the  purely commercial masala, mainstream cinema (Priyasakhi anyone?) for  the other one (however you wish to call it).   A detailed review will follow.

Co-star Sangeetha:

 Madhavan Takes Manhattan

And yes, it’s true, women really do notice a man’s shoes:

 Madhavan Takes Manhattan

10 hours to R. Madhavan

peckonthecheek 72%20v2 10 hours to R. Madhavan

He was so good in Kannathil Muthamittal, and tonight he’s hosting  a special one-night-only advance screening of his December release, Evano Oruvan, a Tamil remake of the Marathi hit Dombivli Fast that he stars in and also co-produced.


poster%202 LCMD @ AMC

What better way to spend a Friday Eid and Navratri afternoon than at the spacious  AMC cinema at the Jersey Gardens Outlet Mall, just down the road (literally) from Newark Airport and IKEA, to see Laaga Chunari Mein Daag?

The managers at the theater must have decided to try screening some Hindi movies to see if it’s favorable for them.    During the summer they were showing Heyy Babyy.

Well, I hope they keep it up – what a fantastically comfy place this is…. and it’s a massive cinema (20 screens, huge concessions area, and stadium seating).   And the tickets were only $7.50 because it was an afternoon screening.   Excellent.

If you’re in the area, please patronize the place, and hopefully they’ll turn enough of a profit to consider it worth their while to keep showing the big ticket films (they were handing out postcards of Saawariya today, and there was a trailer for Aaja Nachle).

If you’re in Manhattan, you can get to the mall or the airport with public transportation (then connect at the airport with a shuttle bus to the mall).  

The movie itself?   Enjoyed it quite a bit, thank you.   Review to be posted shortly…


LCMD%20hoarding%202 LCMD

courtesy of Bombay Addict: a shot from last week of a Bombay hoarding for Laaga Chunari Mein Daag…looking forward to Friday…

(PS – if you look closely below the main feature, you’ll also see a snippet of a smaller ad for the new Indian Vogue)

King of Bollywood @ the Asia Society

 King of Bollywood @ the Asia Society

Last Friday night in New York, the Asia Society hosted an event around Anupama Chopra’s book, King of Bollywood: Shah Rukh Khan and the Seductive World of Indian Cinema.  

The book, and the larger subject of popular Hindi movies, were discussed by a panel comprising (from left to right in the photo) Anupama Chopra, Prof. Tejaswini Ganti of NYU, Prof. Richard Allen of NYU, Abhijat Joshi (screenplay writer), and producer director Vidhu Vinod Chopra.

You can’t tell from this photo, but Ms. Chopra was wearing a stunning pale, pale, soft, soft  pink ensemble by Abu-Sandeep.

Soon at a Device Near You

 Soon at a Device Near You  

This an article I did  that ran in the August 31, 2007 issue of India Abroad.   (Update:   Saavn’s most recent promotion is Summer of Love, running through the end of October.   In it, they are highlighting Umrao Jaan, Jaan-e-mann and Mixed Doubles.   Meanwhile, at Rajshri, their latest promotion is Manorama Six Feet Under.)

When a large multiplex in North Bergen, New Jersey – long famous in the area for offering several Hindi movies as well as the latest Telugu and Tamil hits on its six screens – closed recently, a victim of the highly competitive commercial real estate market, a lot of movie fans were disappointed.   The news led to individual speculation about the impact illegal online downloads and $2 pirated DVD rentals were having on the profits anyone running a cinema could hope to make screening Bollywood movies.

Now, thanks to new initiatives by some people in the business, there may be added competition for warm bodies in those theater seats, though to talk to Rajjat Barjatya, he wouldn’t classify it as competition per se, but rather, his way of meeting the different needs of various consumers.   [Read more...]