Once Upon a Warrior / Anaganaga O Dheerudu

Warrior%20 %20poster%20intense%202 Once Upon a Warrior / Anaganaga O Dheerudu

On July 26th, Disney made cinematic history when they simultaneously released two Hindi films (Do Dooni Char, Zokkomon) and one Telugu film (Anaganaga O Dheerudu / Once Upon a Warrior) on DVD, digital download and video-on-demand in the US.

I opted for the Siddharth swashbuckler directed by Prakash Kovelamudi that had its theatrical release in January of this year – Anaganaga O Dheerudu /Once Upon a Warrior – and did a completely spontaneous watchalong with my Midwest chum Beth (she of Beth Loves Bollywood and a considerable Siddharth enthusiast).  With one hour time difference between us, we both logged on and - after I ran into some initial glitches at the Disney press (free) screening site and gave up, opting to fork over the $4 to Amazon to see it - we were off. [Read more...]

Anurag Kashyap & Kalki Koechlin film premiere at the Asia Society

Last night New Yorkers had a chance to see That Girl in Yellow Boots when it had its worldwide premiere at the Asia Society, more than a week before it releases across the US and India.

The film was the opener at last year’s SAIFF and created much excitement there.

(By the way, there was an audible gasp that went up in the audience when, just before the lights dimmed, it was mentioned that there would be an exhibit opening in September of paintings and drawings by Rabindranath Tagore.)

Here are a few photos from the red carpet last night and the Q&A afterward, to be followed very shortly by an interview with writer/director Kalki & writer/director Anurag:  [Read more...]

ESB honors India

Here’s the Empire State Building dressed up Saturday night in India’s colors, in anticipation of the India Day Parade which was to take place on Sunday, August 20, with Rani Mukherjee as the grand marshal:

ESB%20India%20colors%202 ESB honors India

and here’s Madison Avenue on Sunday morning, with the barricades up and the NYPD on the scene, prior to the parade kicking off:

Madison%20Ave%20pre parade%202 ESB honors India


NYPD%20Madison%20Ave%202 ESB honors India

Abhay Deol was in town too, to promote Mela, and after his press event for them, he was heading to the parade with the Mela folks to man the booth there, meeting and greeting the crowds.  More about him and them shortly.