Tim Dutta: Giving Wings to Horses

Note: This is a story I did that ran in India Abroad in the September 26, 2008 issue, in connection with the Beijing Olympics. 

Given that Mr. Dutta’s firm again played a big role in the transport of the US equestrian team’s horses to another summer Olympic games – this time in London – I thought it was a good time to post it (at the end of the article I’ve just added a brief Q&A I did with Tim to catch up on what he’s been up to in the time since this story first ran):

Paragon%20en%20route%20to%20Pan%20Ams%20Oct%202011%202 Tim Dutta: Giving Wings to Horses

Dressage champion Elizabeth Blitz’s horse, Paragon, en route to the Pan-American Games, Oct 2011. Photo credit: Tim Dutta

In recent weeks, passengers on transatlantic KLM flights to New York might have been traveling in the company of Olympic medalists and not even realized it.

But their fellow passenger would not have been a champion of the sort like Michael Phelps, reclined in his seat, headphones firmly in place, listening to his music.  Rather, these medalists remain standing for most, or all, of the flight, and have names like Sapphire, Connaught and Brentina.  They are the equine partners of the US equestrian team, and they fly in specially designed horse boxes, complete with thick rubber padding underfoot to minimize vibration – and therefore stress – and low-carb, low-protein hay for dinner.

The man who plays Vijay Mallya to these million-dollar, four-legged frequent flyers is Kolkata-born US resident of 20 years, Tim Dutta, who founded the successful Dutta Corporation not long after settling here as a young man.  In two decades, he has built the firm to the point that his clientele includes royalty, CEOs and New York City mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg.  [Read more...]