Abhiwarya on Oprah today

Set your DVRs for 4pm (EST) today…..Oprah’s topic for this show is “The Most Famous People in the World” and two of the guests are the Hindi fillum biz power couple Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and delish hubby Abhishek Bachchan.   The segment was filmed a few weeks ago.

In the teaser clip on Oprah’s website, she asks the couple “I heard you’ve never kissed on screen, is that true?” And then there’s a shot of AB 2.0 giving the Missus a peck on the cheek as chaste as I’d give the local clergyman.

Wonder if Abhi will teach Stedman how to wrap a dhoti?

One thought on “Abhiwarya on Oprah today

  1. Aish getiing paid 15 million dollars per film? 5 billion fans? Oprah and her staff were lazy on the fact checking. These are gross exaggerations to say the least. It’s shameful this misinformation was stated. Her highest salary for a film must be 1 million USD at most. Also I believe the world population is around 7 billion. Are 5 out of 7 people on Earth really Aish fans?Jeez. What’s your take on this Maria?

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