Big delays?


No, friends, not a reference to the hunk in that movie opening on May 30th….

But rather, I’m  wondering what’s the hold-up with the East coast cinemas of the Big chain that Reliance Capital has bought, for the purpose  of  screening Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and other films in areas with large South Asian populations.

They’ve already done a soft launch in California, and were due to start their openings in the New York / New Jersey area by now, but it’s gone eerily silent and nary a  word from the folks at Reliance as to why.

I guess maybe the paint’s still drying in some places

Update: Just heard today (May 28) that the Columbia Park 12 in North Bergen will start showing “one or two” Indian films in about six weeks’ time.   This is indeed an interesting development, given that this was the location of the departed Cineplaza, which shut down last summer.

2 thoughts on “Big delays?

  1. Hey Joseph,

    Maybe they’re aiming for the Sarkar Raj release to be up and ready…

    Hmmm, well, I think some movies could have potential appeal to non-desi audiences, but I think they’d be a small number.

    Don’t you think if they genuinely make the moviegoing experience a good one (clean the cinemas, serve appealing snacks, have some special prices for tickets) and get the word out to the community, they could bring in larger number of people (desis)?

    Though, if the lackluster box office returns we’ve seen so far this year are any indication, it will be a dismal picture…

    (PS – Chris Noth’s character is referred to as “Big” in SATC.)

  2. Not for a while I guess!!! The actual functioning of these theatres that is.But I do wonder of the long-term profitability of such an enterprise.I think that the only way that it can work is if B/k/T/ollywood can actually draw mainstream American American Audiences to its movies(And I’m not talking about the art-house crowd at the Sunshine Theater).And obviously that can never happen until the subtitling improves(I still can’t believe that they release Tamil/Telegu movies w/o subtitles outside India!)

    BTW —I didn’t quite get the Sex and the city ,Chris Noth reference?

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