Booze and Bachchans 1+2

AB%20pirate%202 Booze and Bachchans 1+2  

When the dreaded  Fasten Seat Belt sign goes on AND they ask the crew to sit down, that’s when I start trembling.

Best cure for a fear of violent turbulence?

Knock back a few glasses of champagne and watch Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, again.

For the past 14 hours I was on a flight to Tokyo, continuing onwards in another hour, and much to my surprise, the non-desi carrier I was flying on (to a non-desi destination) had last summer’s Bachchan flic as one of the 20 or so films on rotation to help you pass the time.   I know the movie was panned by many, but I still enjoy everything I did the first time  I saw it.

headband%20khanda%202 Booze and Bachchans 1+2



  1. Who is the Boss? – Superstar Rajnikant or Amitabh bachchan (Biggest Superstar or Big B) ?

  2. We are fans of Emperor Superstar Rajnikant.We need Emperor Superstar Rajnikant movies in Hindi.

  3. Have anybody helped to the platform living childrens?

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