Boy, I hope they don’t mess this up

 Boy, I hope they dont mess this up

Very interested to see that AMC will be developing a TV series of Vikram Chandra’s wonderful, hulking big opus Sacred Games to TV.

Chandra touched on the possibility of the novel making it to a film screen here, in an evening he spent at the Asia Society in NY a few years ago.


  1. Iengar Chick says:

    Hmm have not read this book but is it any way similar to the hunger games series ?

  2. dustdevil.liz says:

    Sounds interesting. If nothing else, I hope it gives work to a US/UK desi actors and/or actors in India who aren’t already big/connected to the film industry. This has inspired me to check out Sacred Games (I like how the NYTimes review referenced another review that called it a “subcontinental doorstopper”), and maybe I’ll have another crack at Red Earth and Pouring Rain. Interesting to read that Vikram Chandra’s mother wrote the screenplay for Prem Rog, and that his sister is Anupama Chopra.

  3. Me too! As I read the book, it felt like something written with a film in mind, although still satisfying as a book. But I did think that a film version would have to pare back so much of the detail and probably lose quite a few of the characters in the process. TV might be the answer. Fingres crossed!

  4. Never read this, but it would be nice to see another great series.

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