5 thoughts on “Dhoom 2 sneak peek at KANK this week

  1. hi everyone!! how are you people? i really liked Dhoom 2. it was one of my favorite movies. its simply superb. i watach that movies more than 10 times. still i’m not bored of it. hrithik as aryan was superb. all the scences of robbery was unbelivable. i really like the songs.my sister and i were big fan of this movie. we really enjoyed watching this movie. thank you for the awesome movie.

  2. NIkky, funny, I liked it more than I thought I would. I agree about Hrithik stealing the oxygen of the film from Abhi and Uday. But I did think it was a sweet bit of eye candy overall.

  3. Dhoom 2 is a total disappointment….unless u r a diehard Hrithik fan … The only alive character in this movie is HRITHIK … Hrithik totally overshadows Junior BACHAN…Irritating Uday Chopra…Bomb shell Bips and Artificial Ash….

    This movie lacks the basic script…No story …total 2.5 hrs crap….This movie lacks the grip than original Dhoom….

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