Go, Kalinda, go!

Kalinda%20in%20profile%202 Go, Kalinda, go!

Photo credit: CBS

Very pleased to see Archie Panjabi among the Emmy nominees just announced for her excellent work in CBS series The Good Wife.

That show has been one of the best written, most intelligent and consistently surprising series to come along in several years.  It’s layered and textured and never takes a misstep.  And one of the characters I most look forward to each week is Panjabi’s Kalinda, for her brains and her strength and her unpredictable edge.

Here’s an interview I did with her several years back at the time of the release of A Mighty Heart.


  1. ALL my faves got nominated this year! Coach and Tami Taylor! Eli! Kalinda! Boyd Crowder! Raylan Givens! Mags! Hooray!

    • filmiholic says:

      I was also really happy to see Idris Elba on the list too, but, alas, no Art Malik for his Upstairs, Downstairs work…

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