Midnight showings of KANK in NY/NJ?

I keep hitting Redial, but I still can't get through!

When tickets went on sale last week for KANK, I heard rumors that there was going to be a midnight showing on Thursday night at Cineplaza 13 in North Bergen, NJ, on  six of their screens, but since then cannot get anyone at the theater to confirm or deny that.   (Good luck getting through by phone.   No one answers and the two voicemail boxes the recording directs  callers to are full.)

I checked with the the ImaginAsian theater if they are planning a midnight show and was told the following by Dylan Marchetti, Director for ImaginAsian’s Programming and Acquisitions:

“At this point we are not planning to do this, due to the  length of the film (203 minutes with intermission).   Plus, due to print security, we can’t guarantee we’ll get the print in time to do  a test run.   We always  run through it before we show it to the public to make sure everything’s perfect.”

Update (5.40pm):   A female staffer at Cineplaza 13 has just confirmed that there will not be any midnight shows at their theater this Thursday night.

So, it looks like  the press screening Thursday night in Manhattan  will  be the only  opportunity for KANK  dekho, by invitation only.  

Further update (Tuesday 8.30am): Mr. Vijay Shah, owner of Cineplaza 13, explained in an email sent last night: “The producer has refused to permit any shows on Thursday.”

4 thoughts on “Midnight showings of KANK in NY/NJ?

  1. So, I got to see a lot of people disappointed with this movie. So, not happy by watching that people are not taking the things in positive ways.

    Not only India but outside India, in Asia and Overseas, the comments are coming in the similar ways. In fact, I was a little scared about writing on the same as even my best friend was very angry on it although she was the greatest fan of SRK movies usually. Anyway, coming to the point, the movie, its feel and character.

    The question is that what message this movie is giving to public? Is it to break their traditional relations just for the sake of their some fantasies created by such movies and literatures? Or to cheat the persons, who are very much devoted to you, and might be finding the ways to please you and you are finding the ways to come out of relations? Are they trying to give the bad image of Indian community and the new generations?

    My answer is something different as usual. According to me, there was really no direct message for the mass, there was no solution but it was the presentation of situations and a raised question. Is this really far from our life? Is this really a movie for overseas mass and has no touch to our traditions? Why people are so scared that they are refusing that they even have watched the movie or watched only the first part? Why are they scaring others not to dare to watch the movie? A movie with Shahrukh, Abhishek, Priti and Rani; and ofcourse with their best acting performances and you say that the movie is the worst ever. Definitely there is something.

    A lot of things I could say on the same. I hope this time you might like my ways of expressing the things so although he might not liking the same but I am leaving a link of my blog here as don’t want to mess up with his blog by my long long review.


  2. Now that would have been fun, but, yeah, over three hours after midnight, is a bit much…I tried it once for the last of the LotR trilogy and almost ran out of the theater when it was over. Of course, an intermission would have helped. I did think the report of multiple midnight showings at six of the Cineplex theaters was stretching credulity…With the showtimes posted, it looks like they plan to have three prints, but SIX?

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