Soon, Brick Lane

The film adaptation of Monica Ali’s Booker-winning novel arrives in cinemas on June 20 in NY and LA, the rolls on to release in other cities soon after.

The movie trailer looks promising.

And I’m really curious to see mainstream Hindi movie actor Satish Kaushik in the role of Nazneen’s husband.

2 thoughts on “Soon, Brick Lane

  1. I saw the movie on a DVD that a friend from the UK got along. It was incredibly slow and boring. I couldn’t relate to the lead character, she didn’t evoke any sympathy. Satish Kaushik was brilliant though!

  2. Whoaaa. this is right out spooky. I had Satish Kaushik’s face in mind while reading “Brick Lane” and now y have him actually playing the role in the film. I should be in casting 🙂

    can’t wait to see the film too.

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