6 thoughts on “KANK: To tide us over until Friday

  1. Definitely, that KwK was fun, Maja, and even better was the one with Abhishek and his Dad. I laughed through the whole show. They have a really unique cameraderie.

  2. I’ve noticed in the “making of” sgements on Kuch Naa Kaho and Bluffmaster how American AB 2.0’s accent can be at times and he jokes around like any urban guy who’s watched a lot of MTV and BET.

    What really cracked me up on that making of Kuch Naa Kaho was when he started to sing (in a perfect southern America accent) “Swing low…”

    Really, how many mainstream Hindi actors can sing old Negro spirituals?

    I guess those college years in the U.S. paid off…

  3. Very fun clips. Just whets my appetite for this weekend! Loved that final comment by Shah Rukh on the crash pad…”One of you guys…Who T.M.A?” and also, what was going on with all those “no pants” scenes with Abhi? I just love watching him rif for the interview camera, and rip on Karan.

  4. Nooo no no, don’t tempt me! I downloaded a Making of from srk.org (I’m not sure if it’s the same one, I think it’s from Zee TV) but I’m trying very hard to resist it and wait until after I’ve actually seen KANK. I think I’ll need something to tide me over till the DVD’s released …

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