What to do…

…in Bombay over the weekend.

A  friend has an exhibition starting at week’s end in Bombay…those of you who are there and can go, please do, since unfortunately I’m not and I can’t….. same friend has several photographs stateside in an exhibition at the Massachusetts Peabody Essex Museum devoted entirely to that surging city by the sea.

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  1. Hi Joseph,

    Hey, it’s for real – I love his work!

    And yes, I am going to be covering that shortly, especially opening night at Lincoln Center, best summed up by the sentiment of “I’ve-got-a-drink-quick-try-and-stop-that-waiter!”

  2. Jospeh Gonsalves says:

    Nice plug for you friend—IF NOT FOR THE LOSITICS OF LIFE—-I’d be doing soooo much in so many places all at once!

    I have a quick question:
    Are you going to be covering this at all?

    If so— I’ll wait for the post!

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