Oliver Hirschbiegel interview, pt. 1

This Friday an amazing film – Five Minutes of Heaven – opens in NYC and the UK, and I can’t urge you enough to check it out (I’ve already seen it twice in as many weeks last month).   You can watch the trailer here.   Each subsequent Friday after August 21st it will open […]

What would Kiran do?

That’s the question I posed yesterday to Rakesh Satyal, author of the novel Blue Boy, wondering how his young, flamboyant protagonist would react to the fact that SALGA, the South Asian Lesbian and Gay Association, has not been admitted to the India Day Parade this year, just a few weeks on the heels of the […]

What say you, Shilpa?

Right about now, the lovely Ms. Shetty should be in Manhattan, slipping into her seat before cameras and microphones at a press conference in anticipation of her presence as Grand Marshall at the India Day parade tomorrow in NYC. One wonders what she would reply if a member of the Fourth Estate raised a hand […]

SRK in Atlantic City

So, last night was the big night. “Dinner with SRK” at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City. My friends found it funny that, in spite of being a native New Yorker, it took Shah Rukh Khan to get me to visit the famous New Jersey shore-hugging locale for the first time in my […]

SRK last night

Shah Rukh Khan made an appearance in Atlantic City last night. Will post more photos and comments shortly, but in the meantime here’s a link to Rediff’s photos by Paresh Gandhi and what I wrote about his encounter with US Immigration at Newark Liberty Airport last night before we got to see him.

Mother India Tigerstyled

Damn, I wish I were going to London this weekend. Then I could see this new imagining of Mother India, as scored by DJ Tigerstyle. The film has been edited down to 45 minutes and, in the fashion of the old silent movies, will be accompanied by Tigerstyle in a live performance. You can watch […]