Go, Kalinda, go!

Very pleased to see Archie Panjabi among the Emmy nominees just announced for her excellent work in CBS series The Good Wife. That show has been one of the best written, most intelligent and consistently surprising series to come along in several years.  It’s layered and textured and never takes a misstep.  And one of […]

Farewell Outsourced

So the email-writing campaign did not achieve its objective and NBC has cancelled Outsourced, which was sad news to wake up to on a Saturday morning.  I watched every episode of the season and am sorry to see it go.  Ok, the writing may have been a bit uneven at times, but I chalked that […]

The new, desified Upstairs, Downstairs

  If you too do some desi-spotting – that is, noticing when some reference to or influence from the Subcontinent appears in a non-South Asian setting or context – then tune in to tonight to your local PBS station for the first of the three-part series of the new Upstairs, Downstairs. The story picks up […]

Anthony Bourdain Launches “Medium Raw” in NYC

Yesterday, the man who consumed bhang in Rajasthan and later curled up in a ball on the sand to sleep it off, the man who provided this enlightening glimpse into the rules and regs of cricket, the man who once declared while eating kebabs in Bombay “No hairnet and latex gloves here“, New Jersey-born chef, […]

Can’t you guys get it together?

It was great news earlier this year when Directv’s HindiDirect package added several new channels to the line-up, including another 24-hour news channel, two more NDTV channels (but, alas, not NDTV Imagine, which is the one I’d rather have) and, joy of joys, UTV Movies (all movies, all the time!). Great, right? Well, in theory, […]