Falu on Foras Road

Photo credit: Sachyn
Photo credit: Sachyn Mital


When we chatted briefly at the opening night of the IAAC‘s 2013 New York Indian Film Festival – in addition to discussing her wonderful turns in not one role but two in last December’s Bumbug Musical (she played Mrs, Scroogewala and also Cratcheeta) – the vivacious singer Falu was clearly excited about her latest album, Foras Road, which was just over a month away from releasing.  “It’s traditional music,” she said, “in seven South Asian languages, and it represents a culture that is dying – the courtesan culture – and I’m trying to revive it.”

Well, the album has just released and Falu is performing tonight at the Highline Ballroom.  If you’ve never heard her sign live, you should go – she has this voice that she can shift without effort from a keen crystal peal to something seductively throaty and enveloping.

Note: photo courtesy of Sachyn Mital

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