23 thoughts on “Happy Diwali !

  1. @ Vidya, thanks, it’s a snap taken at home last week.

    @ Prashant, thanks, hope you had a great Deepavali.

    @ Shree, not fluent in all of them (yet); the list goes from strongest to weakest.

    @ Sanjeev, thanks and best wishes to you!

    @ Abhi, they were recent aquisitions (made in China!) and I was particularly fond of the reading and writing Ganeshas, so gave them a bit of creative license to muscle in on Laxmi’s big holiday… Those chocolate Gods crack me up. I keep seeing ads for them in my Gmail, and I’m amazed no one in the world has gone off in a huff at the idea!

    @ Aparna, thanks, you’re very kind, and yes, phir milenge!

    @ Anand, if it were not for the fact that you’re offering a list of favorite Thamizh movies (which I will happily accept), I would have thought you were another TamBram of the same name… Thanks for stopping by. Pakalam.

    @ Prasanna, please do stop by again. Cheers!

    @ Jay, I heard some friends last night saying the very same thing, that this is the time of year when they miss India most. Thanks for your Diwali wishes. Hope yours had some sweet and some light and some color in it.

    @ Suva, thanks, it’s one of the various parts of India’s creative contributions that I do love (along with so much music and books).

    @ Shiva, thanks. The more I learn, the more I see there is still to learn, so it will be a long (and fascinating) journey.

  2. Hi Maria,

    Happy Diwali. I read your article in rediff.com and was impressed. I am amazed you being a westerner can understand Indian traditions/culture so well.


  3. Hi Maria,
    I just read an article in rediff about your “discovery” of Hindi films and diwali. It is always fascinating for me to observe the effect and reaction of ppl like you who are brought up in western world, on getting introduced to Indian culture and ethos for the first time. I personally dont like Hindi films that much but its nice to see your enthusiasm and fondnes in this subject. happy deepavali.


  4. hi maria..

    .. your article in rediff made me sad… having lived in usa for 5 years and seeing everytime that something so important in our culture is so frivolosly celebrated – without much delight or color — i am scared of what i would become here ..

    ..is the soup from the Melting Pot (which this country is called), tasteless and colorless…

    just bit sad on diwali.. happy diwali to you though…

  5. Great! Hope you had fun this diwali as well. echoing the above comments, I too stumbled upon your article and rediff and stopped by your blog. will be back to read all of your other post!
    Take care.

  6. Maria,
    I was curious when I saw the article entitled Diwali by a non-indian on rediff.com. So, I read and really thoroughly enjoyed the article. I am a Tamil Brahmin boy myself and I was in awe after seeing that you in fact know that it is “deepavali” and “thamizh”. By the way, I like this blog of yours, but may be I could help you with the list of tamil movies or recommend some – there are lots of good ones that I do not see in your “Maplai, no cutting the line” list.
    Great job!!


  7. Hello Maria,

    I stumbled upon your Diwali article on rediff. It was a pleasure to read your experience about this indian tradition. I always knew bollywood movies can break all international barriers. I am glad they interest you. Now that I see a ‘reviews’ section on your blog, you can count me in your frequent visitor list. I am crazy about Desi movies, hindi only and enjoy critiquing them.

    Phir milenge,

  8. Wish you a very Happy Diwali !!

    I read at your article at rediff and it was really nice to know about you and your feelings toward the Indian tradition and festivals.

  9. I liked your artcile about Diwali on rediff.com. Though Diwali has gone by, but its never late in wishing someone. Wish you a very happy diwali :).

    Hope one day, I will also get the chance to blog about a festival of this place. I was surprised to see the languages you know…. Are you so good in all of them?? Atleast your hindi looks great. Keep blogging… ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Happy Deepavali Maria,

    Read your article on rediff’s site and found it interesting. checked this blog from that site. Nice to know that you like deepavali..Cool keep going..


  11. Hi Maria, this pic is really cute. I too read your article on Rediff blog on Deepavali and decided to drop in here as well. It was written in a simple and warm manner. You’re a good writer. Keep writing.

  12. Happy Diwali Maria.

    I read the article written by you on rediff’s US site and came on to check this blog of yours. It’s cool. Keep going!


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