How awful to be gori…

Have look at this Bharat Matrimony ad I saw on TV this past weekend….and just watch Grandmama’s reaction ( :14   ) when she finds out her lovely grandson is bringing home a “gori” to meet the family.   Poor dear, she looks as though someone had just dropped a dead, smelly  rat at her feet as a gift.

I realize the PR people at BM are making the assumption  that when  their ad runs, say, during AVS, it’ll be just “hum log” watching (actually I should say “ye log”, since I’m one of those dreaded goris they’re helping second-gen sons of Bharat  avoid), and everyone would agree and be in on the joke.

But when I think of that same ad, if it were repurposed for a white family in suburban Connecticut, and at the mention of the son’s girlfriend’s name, the grandmother were to wrinkle her nose in disgust and say “Black?” (but use a slangier word for it), some folks would be  rather perturbed and offended.

When the closing voiceover says “Find your soulmate who is global in thought and Indian at heart with our unique cultural portals at Bharat Matrimony” I think they really should say “…and Indian in dermis” to more accurately reflect what the ad has just conveyed.

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