KANK Sold Out Already

That is indeed the case.  

According to their website, and just confirmed by Dylan Marchetti, the Director of Theatrical Acquisitions and Programming at  ImaginAsian, two Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna showings  are already sold out at the ImaginAsian theater in Manhattan, and the film’s a good 11 days away from opening!

Update (Monday evening):   Dylan Marchetti has since also said  that to celebrate the film’s opening there will be giveaways for people on line at the theater, and, once inside, they’ll find  an expanded line of pastries and samosas from local NYC restaurants at the concession.

13 thoughts on “KANK Sold Out Already

  1. i saw this movie its great i think its time the indian community strats to wake up and do reliaze this is the the year 2006 and everyone has achoice to make and even though we have not made any chioce we still made one so hooray for freedom of speach this movie should of been made many years ago in INDIA of course not here in NEW YORK CITY

  2. Yeah, it’s becoming a bit of a BollyWhat? Meet-up…Great to put faces to names and go shopping and eating, ShahRukhing and more shopping, etc. PM me on the BW? Forum if you want to join the group silliness 🙂

  3. JKM, the excitement’s really building, eh?

    Maja, check out the link on the main page of my blog for The Buddha Smiled. He’s based in London and maybe if you contact him, he can give you more of a scoop on getting hold of tickets online. Actually, read his post about Omkara, because he mentions there the cinema he was trying to get tix online from.

  4. I’m crazy-worried that I’ll miss it in London! Can’t find any info on how many tickets have already been sold and so far, I think you can only buy them for the 10th (pre-premiere? *shrug*), later dates aren’t available yet.

    10 days to go!

  5. through a contact at the local distributor i got to know that KANK will deffinitely come to our cinemas but we will have to wait for a while yet, as they might only release it with german subtitles that have yet to be done. screening the film with english subs was planned but after the relatively poor boxoffice numbers for krrish with engl subs in austria they are reconsidering and so we might have to wait until fall for KANK.

  6. Sakshi, will do!

    Babasko, sounds like this will be a huge hit, can’t believe it won’t turn up sooner, rather than later.

    MW, if I recall correctly from Anupama Chopra’s article, he’s a former futbol/soccer player who is embittered because he had a bad injury and had to quit the game.

  7. I think it’s going to turn up online soon; doesn’t everything these days!

    And does the photo above show SRK trying his hands at rugby again, à la DDLJ ?

  8. argghhh its sold out in nyc already and here in austria/germany we don´t even have word so far as to if/when it will play at all.

    not healthy for my peace of mind.

  9. Hey ! Me gettin to NYC on 8th night.

    Can you please get intouch with Shirrin and book the tickets for the movie. Would like to watch it on the first day itself.

    Ahhh!!! Can’t wait to get there.

  10. They’ve started running promos for KANK , including an hour long ‘The Making of Kank’ special, on TV here.

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