Looking forward to: Omkara

Earlier this summer,  I wasn’t that interested in this one at all, but in the last few days, I’m getting curiouser and curiouser, and will definitely be handing over some cabbage on Friday to watch  it on the big screen.    

First, the music (and male vocalists) on the soundtrack definitely merit repeated listenings.

Then, minha  Sonia has the most hilarious write-up of her encounters (plus photos) with the various actors  and fellow members of the fourth estate at the press conference here.

And as if that were not enough, you can see even more pics  (by  Sonu Bahl) of the same event here.    

Note how stunning Ms. Basu looks in her wrap dress and shorter hair.  

I was never a huge fan of hers before (I mean, I know there’s a tropism toward long hair on women in mainstream Hindi movies, but Gawd, it gets so boring after a while), but she’s a real head-turner in these pics (though just the thought of ankle warmers in Bombay in July gives me a rash, five-star hotel a/c or no).

14 thoughts on “Looking forward to: Omkara

  1. ^ ^ Haha, an American female SRK impersonator, that’s something you don’t see every day o_O

    Maria: you do? Wow, that’s pretty cool, and yeah of course it counts!

  2. I’ll actually be quite near Southall, I think, because I’ll be staying with a friend in Ealing. Definitely need some tips about where I can buy DVDs (preferably cheap), so I can stock up while I’m there!

    MW: There’s quite big community, I was surprised too, you start reading one blog and then just find more and more. There are lots of German fans, I’ve noticed, but I’ve yet to find someone else from Slovenia 🙂

  3. Holy Cow! I’ve been following the trail of links left behind by the commentors on your blog and it seems there’s an entire cabal of firang females blogging on Bollywood. You guys should get together and start a group blog or something.

    Are you going for the SM meetup in NYC?

  4. Shoefi, that’s me too, but at Tamil movies with a friend (my Hindi’s gotten way better, whereas the Tamil I learned is frozen in amber at a beginner level).

    Maja, yeah, I would have been slightly surprised if you said there was a large Indian community there (though I seem to remember seeing, when planning a trip to Rekyavik, that there were a few Indian restaurants there!).

    But you’ll be able to get lots of movies when you’re in the UK next month. My girl Shoefi can probably confirm this, but when I was last in London a few years back areas like Southhall and Wembly had lots of stores selling Cds and DVDs, owing to the large Indian communities there, though by now, there may be areas and shops closer to central London.

  5. Hi Maria, thanks! Yep I had a great time, I’ve been posting some holiday pictures on my blog in between filmi posts, if you’re interested 🙂

    No, unfortunately we don’t get any Indian movies in the cinemas here, there’s just no market for them. Monsoon Wedding was screened at a film festival a few years ago, that’s the only one I know of. Well, unless you count Bend It Like Beckham, that was in the cinemas as well, but only a few years after it was released (after Keira became a star with PotC). So my only sources of Bollywood movies atm are one DVD rental shop (I only know of one that has some Indian DVDs) and a couple of German TV channels that sometimes show Indian movies. I’m going to London for a week in August though, so that’s when I’m hoping to catch KANK in the cinema, and maybe Omkara as well and just any other movie that might be showing. And I’m going to Nottingham on a student exchange programme in autumn, I’ll be there for 4 or 5 months and I’m definitely planning on spending a looot of time in the cinemas while I’m there!

    There’s no Indian community that I know of here, or if there is one, it’s very very small (mostly diplomats and business people, I guess). There are also no Indian shops or restaurants, nothing 🙁 Slovenia is such a small country that there are very few foreigners living here, except for a growing Chinese community and quite a large community of people from ex-YU.

  6. We’re watching it thisweekend at Safari – local theatre that shows Hindi films and the odd Vijay film 🙂 Only problem for me – no English subtitles like they have at The Odeon or Vue! My poor husband will have a bruised arm from all my nudge, pinch ‘what’s he saaaaying?’

  7. Maja, welcome back! Did you have a great holiday? Do you get Bollywood movies in the cinemas there? Is there an Indian community in Slovenia??

    MW, me too. First showing at my local is 7.30pm.

    Comments moderation since always; so much spam! Who knew there was SUCH a big market for poker?

  8. Comment moderation! Since when?? Were you getting comment spam or just obnoxious commentors?

  9. Can’t wait to see it as well. I think I’m going to attempt a “first day, first show” with this one. The last movie that I saw in such fashion was DDLJ and we all know how that turned out!

    And Bipasha in the ‘Beedi’ number looks mindblowing..

  10. I LOVE Bipasha’s haircut, I wish I could get my hair to look like that. She looks lovely.

    I’m getting curious about Omkara as well, it was actually mentioned on the news here last week – the first time I’ve ever seen anything Bollywood-related in our media. It was only a 1min clip, but it was enough to get me excited!

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