Twelve dollars ? ? ?


Somewhat rude awakening this afternoon in Edison, NJ: the cost of a ticket at Movie City has gone up to $12.

At that price, now I really am sorry I missed the opening credits of Bheema, so I could have squeezed every bit of entertainment from my twelve bucks’ worth of the experience.

Sadly, the increase in prices has yet to positively impact  the ladies’ room.       Ick.

3 thoughts on “Twelve dollars ? ? ?

  1. Hi Maria,
    Alas, bad that my warning couldnt stop you. Yes I did watch Vel its a better movie than this is – but I love movies that either has a good story line, a different variety of romance( now dont ask me what that is, something that should be very natural and not running behind the trees – for instance a film like “love’s enduring promise” – a wonderful, classical romance of an woman, confronted between two different men) or is science,fiction(like MATRIX).

    I also noticed that you had some discussion back on some of the Tamil movies you had attempted to watch and how you were guided to watch Priyasakhi and others which were real spoilers. Not sure if you have watched Kamal’s “Anbe Sivam”(an indian software engr, played by Madhavan being hyprocritically torn apart for his obsessions on the western life and his bitter attitude towards his own country) or “Salangai Oli”(a great story on a subtle romance between a man torn apart for his love for dance(bharatnatyam) and his lady)

    I just wanted to add a few movies that have’nt done really well in box office but is definitely nice to watch (or atleast attempt to watch).

    1. At First Sight – Val Kilmer – He’s just great as a blind guy, nice movie, with a lovely insight into a blinds life and his love.

    2. aval appadithaan (Tamil – balachandar) – not sure if you will get a english translation for this. A different movie focusing on how a young indian woman struggles, amidst the male-dominated, chauvinistic world to keep herself, family and had to give up her love.

    3. Dor (nagesh kukanoor) – a very nice movie, and if you are a fan of nagesh (Hyderabad Blues), again focusing on the lives of two different women who get entertwined due to circumstances and develop a lovely friendship in the end.

    4. Leben der Anderen, Das A.k.a “The Lives of Others” – i think u must have already watched this.

    5. Corporate (English/Hindi) – Bipasha Basu in lead role, gently showcasing the lies, hypocrisy and lives in a corporate world.
    6. Pithamagan – i think u would’ve watched this by Vikram.

    I will stop here for the list has become too long :), will come by sometime later again to give you a few Korean/Japanese movies that I’ve watched over time and felt as nice to watch.

  2. Hi Prasanna, Thanks for coming by. And thanks for the warning, but, alas, it’s too late.

    I didn’t think it was a great film either, BUT not as bad as some that I’ve seen, plus I thought Prakash Raj was his usual good self: strong, understated, always compelling to watch.

    I liked Vel better, did you see it?

  3. Hi Maria,
    I’ve been regularly following your website for more than a year now, though havent commented here. If you havent seen Bheema, I would say skip it – its one of the bad movies from Vikram I’ve seen in long time.

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