Bollywood is big in NYC

No, really? According to our local NPR outlet, WNYC, that is indeed the case. The first half hour of John Schaefer’s show Soundcheck  yesterday  was all about the rising popularity of Bollywood in this barrio.   The episode, called Hooray for Bollywood, can be heard here. Prime guest  was none other than local ladka, the […]

The Karan Johar drinking game

  There’s a saying that goes: “Martes 13, ni te cases ni te embarques” (Tuesday the 13th, don’t marry or set out on a  trip), but nobody said anything about imbibing…. Last week, a few girlfriends got to talking about certain elements of Karan Johar films, and one revealed that she had a KJo drinking […]

Talk About Hitting Bombay with a Bang!

  Having thrown over wife and former ER beauty  Alex Kingston for older beauty Francesca Annis,  after 11 years together, Ralph Fiennes recently went solo, likely after stories of an affair caused the lovely Francesca to reconsider their “relationship.” Now word has gotten out that while enroute to Bombay from Darwin, Australia a fortnight back, […]

Koffee with Karan, new season

  The first episode of the second season was broadcast in the U.S. tonight.   The  guests: Kajol, Rani Mukherjee, SRK.   In the early minutes, there was a definitely odd, tense vibe between the cousins before SRK joined them.   The King Khan arrived carrying two purses (!), and after delivering them to the […]