Around Bandra

The film biz is indeed everywhere.   As I first set foot inside the national arrivals terminal at the airport, I was greeted by an SRK Tag Heuer ad.   Then  SRK was over at the hotel the other night for an awards ceremony, Mr. Bachchan pere was due by today for another event, and […]

What, no Southern movie songs?

First time back in Madras after two years, and yessir, this city really is growing.   We landed today and had to wait for 5 minutes on the tarmac before we could get to a gate.   Once inside, the airport has been renovated, though still lacks the aesthetic consideration you find in so many […]

Catching up with Pratibha Parmar

  Last year, her debut film  – Nina’s Heavenly Delights – screened at the Indo-American Arts Council’s 2006 film festival.   Now, the movie has just been released in New York City, with other US cities to follow soon.   Here’s my thoughts on the film from last fall. Read on for  a brief chat […]