Sunset Bollywood

The Sundance Channel ran the 2005 documentary Sunset Bollywood this evening.

Just under an hour, it tells of the rapid success and almost equally prompt descent back to earth of Rahul Roy, Kumar Gaurav and Bhagyashree after their initial hits, and the halting attempts made by all to get back on top.

In between interviews with three actors themselves, several filmi magazine women opine about the   trio’s career trajectories and there’s a very liberal dose of Mahesh Bhatt and daughter Pooja.   (Roy had his debut in Bhatt’s 1990 film Aashiqui.)

It was interesting for the human stories and the small insights into the industry, to say nothing of the flashbacks to the clothes and hairstyles of the time.   Of the three, Bhagyashree seems to have found the most happiness both professionally and personally, with some TV work mixed in with her motherly duties.   Gaurav says at the end that once his girls are grown, he’d like to go off to an island on his own, with just a fishing rod and some kerosene for a lamp.   No mention of where his wife Namrata Dutt fits into that picture…

3 thoughts on “Sunset Bollywood

  1. It made the rounds at film festivals a few years ago.

    If you look at Bindaas Productions, filmmaker Komal Tolani’s website, you can read more about the movie, see a clip and there’s also mention there of it showing on the National Geographic channel, though I don’t know how recent that note is.

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