New York

Question:   When is New York not New York? Answer: When it’s Philadelphia, or Jersey City, or Toronto, or anywhere else. It rankles when a film is supposed to be set in NYC, but isn’t actually shot here.   Last night, as I watched Kabir Khan’s New York and its car chases and street scenes, […]

YRF’s New York: Careful, people

I was born here, grew up here, went to college  and got my first tastes of independent life  below 23rd Street (admission to dance clubs on Tuesday nights for less than $10!) and above Central Park (ah, the luxury of cutting class to go to some exhibit at the Met or the Cloisters).   This […]

Delhi Noir at the Rubin

Attended the book launch for Delhi Noir, the latest in the international series from Akashic Books, held at the Rubin Museum on June 10th (yes, that lovely space that used to be Barneys). Well now it’s even lovelier, and bless their hearts, they keep the gift shop open well after the evening event has ended […]

From New Zealand with Laughs

This is a story I did that ran in the May 29, 2009 issue of India Abroad: In recent years, New York City stages have carried several plays about the Indian immigrant experience.   Sakina’s Restaurant, East is East, India Awaiting – each depicted aspects of life of members of the Indian community in the […]

As Gary Glitter used to sing…

… hello, hello, I’m back again. I’ve been off the blog for way too long, first due to a variety of pressures, but then, due to complications with WordPress. I’ll spare you the colorful expletives about that experience, but I will share with you high praises for friends who made the time to help untangle […]