Hiding Divya at the AAIFF tonight

  Anyone in the New York metro area might be interested to know that Hiding Divya, which stars Madhur Jaffrey and Pooja Kumar, will be shown tonight as part of the Asian American International Film Festival. It will be shown at the Asia Society at 7pm. More info is available here. My thoughts on the […]

Karan Johar Walks the Talk

  Pleasant surprise over morning kcoffee…. Karan Johar as Shekhar Gupta’s guest on Walk the Talk, the pair strolling along the Bombay waterfront.   KJo was wearing jeans and big sandals with  a black short-sleeved tee shirt (that said Ready 2 Rock), and his usual big red watch. Here’s a few highlights: Karan commented that […]

Do You Wanna Partner?

The biggest disappointment I had with Salaam-e-Ishq earlier this year was the notable absence of the Golden-Footed Virar ka Chokra hoofing it up  for our enjoyment.   Sure, it  was great to see him back on the big  screen, and in a somewhat ‘serious’ role (ok, sober?   restrained?), but I kept waiting for the […]

Jet(ting) to New York

  Jet Airways pulled out all the stops last week to celebrate the imminent arrival of their first flight from Bombay to New York on August 5th, coming via Brussels and arriving at Newark Liberty Airport (which I find more manageable than JFK, thought Jet apparently has its eye on JFK too, further down the […]


  Nobody, but nobody, is looking forward to the release tomorrow of Govinda’s latest movie –  Partner – as much as I am (be still, my heart), and yet, I have two questions: [1] Was there a sale on fedoras that the wardrobe department couldn’t resist? and [2] What’s with the dangly thingy in Salman’s […]

Chak De India hoarding

Talk about synchronicity….the same day that I was chatting with my girlfriends about the movie and its original rhyming five-minute trailer (general consensus: we’re all looking forward to it, I’m not wild about the patchy  stubble on SRK, and the rhyming gimmick got on everyone’s nerves, fast),  Bombay Addict sends me this photo, taken en […]