Abhiwarya on Oprah today

Set your DVRs for 4pm (EST) today…..Oprah’s topic for this show is “The Most Famous People in the World” and two of the guests are the Hindi fillum biz power couple Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and delish hubby Abhishek Bachchan.   The segment was filmed a few weeks ago. In the teaser clip on Oprah’s website, […]

Trio Druk Yul

Here are some images from a concert the Bhutanese trio Druk Yul gave at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York. The performance was preceded by an information-packed gallery tour, examining the thangkas at the museum, and various aspects of Bhutanese art. The Rubin is a wonderful New York treasure, beautifully designed and laid […]