Irrfan Khan interview

  He received praise all around for his role of the Ganguli patriarch in The Namesake, he took on a very lighthearted and comic role in Metro, and now Irrfan Khan is winning praise for his portrayal of the Captain in A Mighty Heart.   Here’s the first part of a recent interview with him: […]

8 Random Things

  about me… Yes, this is one of those tagging thingies. Atanu, who, though he does not understand and detests my filmi leanings, is a friend nonetheless and the one who got me. According to his own blog post, here are the rules of the tagged game : 1. Each player starts with 8 random […]

Archie Panjabi interview, pt. 2

  Q: How was it being with Mariane? Very emotional.   I mean in Cannes there was a standing ovation and the audience was so moved, and of course the critics in Cannes are the hardest to please, and everybody got up and everybody clapped.   Angie and Brad were there, you know, the hottest […]

Archie Panjabi interview, part 1

  Archie Panjabi was in New York  in anticipation of the release of A Mighty Heart, in which she plays Wall Street Journal-ist Asra Q. Nomani, who was both a friend and colleague to Daniel Pearl and who played a major role as a member of the team involved following the kidnapping in Karachi.   […]

A Mighty Heart

O.k., let’s just tackle the most obvious thing head on:   this is Angelina Jolie’s vehicle. If you happen to be touched  – willingly or unwillingly – by the sea of pop culture and celebrity omnipresence around us nowadays, you can’t help but know who she is, and how famous she is, whether you were […]