About me

Apellation: Maria Giovanna

Habitation: New York

Formation: BA Spanish, MS Journalism

Occupation: Not-for-profit,  journalist

Translation: Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Hindi

Destinations:   Assisi, Bombay, Brussels, Dublin,  Florence, Madras, Rio

Recreation: Movies, music, books, TV, new languages, travel

Libation: Lindemans Framboise, Woodpecker cider, Knockando, Cuba Libre, caipirinhas

Illumination: Top Hat, The Commitments, La Lectrice, Carmen, Goodfellas, West Side Story, La Femme Enfant, Once Were Warriors, Y Tu Mamá Tambien, Love Actually, Head-On, A Room with a View, Before the Rain, Mujeres al Borde de Un Ataque de Nervios, Mala Educación, The Snow Goose, Duffy, Cal  

Narration: Abha Dawesar, Amitava Kumar, Andrei Codrescu, Donna Leon, Vikram Chandra, Manuel Hidalgo, Garrison Keillor, Jenny Colgan, Michael Ondaatje, Morgan Llywellyn, Nuala O’Faolain, Pete Hamill, Rick Bragg, Fernando Tola, Shobhaa De

Versification:   Jacques Brel, Jacques Prévert,  Miguel Hernández, Jacques Rabemananjara, Pedro Salinas

Harmonization: El Ultimo de la Fila, U2, Les Negresses Vertes, Black 47, Chico Buarque, Luca Carboni, Neg’Marrons, Bow Wow Wow,  The Pogues, Kailasa, Thin Lizzy, Alceu Valença, Madness, Lolo Sy Ny Tariny, Jordi Savall

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