It’s rare that we get to see a big Hindi movie release before yeh log over in the desh, but last night was an exception and a treat. Aladin was the opening night film for the South Asian International Film Festival, which runs through next Tuesday, November 3rd.   No one from the film’s cast […]


So, I get the feeling that Surya likes dual roles, yes? After his so very solid turn in Aayitha Ezhuthu, I rediscovered the caramel-eyed wonder for myself in Vel on a visit to Madras in ’07.   All I can say is, I was never much of a fan of moustaches before, but oh Mama, […]

Today’s the day: Priyan and Prakash

Am very happy today for these two Southern film luminaries as they receive their National Awards for Kanchivaram.   So, so well deserved. I just hope now the film will get a new breath of life and make it to more screens than just on the festival circuit (where we were fortunate enough to see […]

Kailash Kher interview in Khabar

During Kailash Kher’s recent trips into and out of New York over the summer and into the fall, he sat down with me for an interview for Khabar magazine, and talked about about his efforts to reach a wider audience in the US, and also about his two new CDs, Chaandan Mein and Yatra (Nomadic […]