Dhoom Dois*

*Or “Yes, We Have No Bandanas”   Oh, meu Deus, there’s so much I didn’t like about this film….. the background music using cheesy  portuñol lyrics (don’t they think anyone in India will notice, never mind the overseas masses?), the overwaxed physiques of Hrithik and Uday (this, after Yuva, must be the second film where […]

Pratibha Parmar interview

Pratibha Parmar, the director and producer of Nina’s Heavenly Delights, is just back from Hong Kong, where her film was selected to close  this year’s  Hong Kong Lesbian  & Gay Film Festival.   Less than a month ago, it was screened at the sixth Indo-American Arts Council’s Film Festival.   The movie will be released […]

Nina’s Heavenly Delights

The bad news – for me – was that Art Malik has  only a supporting role in this film, so he’s not  on screen enough.   (And it’s already been established that he does not don a kilt.)   Then again, the title is Nina’s Heavenly Delights, not Raj’s. The good news for all of […]


  This Canadian short film shows the lengths that Pria (Natasha Chandel), a 15-year-old  South Asian  girl goes to in an  effort to lose her accent, mainly by mimicking lines from favorite movies.   She does this because she fancies a boy she sees every week at a local coffee shop, and she’s convinced he’ll […]