Tonight only: D’Arranged Marriage

You might have seen a story I did over the summer about D’Arranged Marriage and its co-creators, New Zealanders Tarun Mohanbhai and Rajeev Varma. The show did a run in the Village earlier this year, then Raj and Tarun had a reunion in London, and more recently, Raj took the one-man show to the heart […]

Thursday @ the MIAAC

How fortunate we are in NYC to have access to so many cultural events, and even more fortunate for an opportunity to interact with established and up-and-coming filmmakers at events like the MIAAC. Yesterday at the MIAAC film festival, there were two panels running side-by-side, one with Mira Nair, examining her not-often-seen short films, and […]

Yes, now I am a twit too

With the start of the MIAAC  film festival, I have finally succumbed to Twitter and opened an account.   You can find me here. Looking forward to an amazing line-up of films and panels with directors….Anurag Kashyup, Shyam Benegal, Akhtar père et fils, Sudhir Mishra and so many more.

Can’t you guys get it together?

It was great news earlier this year when Directv’s HindiDirect package added several new channels to the line-up, including another 24-hour news channel, two more NDTV channels (but, alas, not NDTV Imagine, which is the one I’d rather have) and, joy of joys, UTV Movies (all movies, all the time!). Great, right? Well, in theory, […]