Sardars and U2: Rock On!

When U22 – the special edition, live album of songs selected by fans from U2‘s 2011 tour playlist – arrived in the mail, one of the pages in the accompanying program caught my eye: Among the various pages of images of the band performing and fans in arenas around the world cheering them on, here […]


In one of the earliest shots of Prashant Bhargava’s Patang (The Kite), the green, yellow and pink domes of small temple in one Ahmedabad neighborhood stand out against the greys of the buildings around them.  It’s an arresting shot, one of several that surprise and delight in between the story of a weekend family reunion […]

Tyler Perry – desi boy

Friends have often heard me say that I think Tyler Perry’s movies have a lot in common with Hindi flic from the ’80s and ’90s (family-oriented, heavy doses of music, humor and drama) and today, during a live online chat to promote his next release (Madea’s Witness Protection), one had to look no further than […]