Kailash Kher, leaving NYC

After winding up a long and fascinating interview with singer Kailash Kher this weekend, just before he departed for Bombay, I asked if he wouldn’t mind  a few pictures too.   The seemingly always good-tempered man happily agreed, and this was the most amusing of the shots. Here’s a wee bit of trivia: sure, we […]

A Tale of Two Cities

  This is a story I did that appeared in the June 13, 2008 issue of India Abroad.   For the filmi connection, have a look at the postscript. Consider this patch of humid land, sitting at the nation’s edge, packed with people of all income levels, trying to make a go of it while […]

Wikipedia personals ?

Just had to share this little nugget I happened to notice under the Wikipedia entry for the movie Lakeer, under the “Cast” section: * Nauheed Cyrusi as … FARHIYO AHMED i love the girl in this movie she is so hott i swear i die for her i don’t know if she have a man […]


Mozhi surprised me.   I don’t know what exactly  I was expecting, probably some sort of a love story, eventually  the  kalyanam at some wedding hall in Madras, women in saris and jasmine, and maybe a fight scene thrown in to keep the mens happy.   And honestly, the cover of the DVD was a […]

Oh no he didn’t!

NBC legal expert Dan Abrams, appearing on NBC’s nationally televised Today show, just declared Bollywood a “loser” for the choice of Sly Stallone as the actor who would be involved in the  Hindi movie Kambaqt Ishq, one part of the bigger story  that’s been so much in the press this week. You can see a […]

The Love Guru

  So here’s the thing: normally it takes Eddie Izzard, George Carlin, Damon Wayans or Bill Maher to get me to laugh out loud, and yet, the other evening, arriving at the cinema in not a good frame of mind at all, I actually found myself laughing through most of Mike Myers latest, The Love […]