Friday night in NY: Punching at the Sun

  Director Tanuj Chopra’s touching drama about Elmhurst-based teenager Mameet’s loss of his brother at a  robbery in the family’s convenience store  will be screened this Friday night (February 2nd) at the Museum of the Moving Image, located just over the 59th street bridge in Astoria.       The movie starts at 7.30pm and […]

Kabul Express

Kabul Express is loosely based on the experiences of Kabir Khan (who wrote and directed the film) when he was reporting from there.   As  the movie opens we see two Indian journalists, a reporter and cameraman, land by helicopter in Kabul.   John Abraham is Suhel Khan and Arshad Warsi is Jai Kapoor.   […]

Indian Fish in American Waters

Let’s see, the microphone dipped and appeared onscreen in several shots, the acting was too low key by some actors and too over the top by others, and worst of all, the whole direction the film takes hinges on a misunderstanding that could have easily been cleared up way earlier than it was. This film […]

Govinda aur Gori

This should be interesting, a vite voman as the love interest of a main character in a  totally mainstream Hindi movie that has nothing vaguely Rang de Basanti about it. Will there be skimpy costumes?   Drinking?   Smoking?   Pre-marital hanky panky?   Will the woman playing Chichi’s mother threaten to throw herself down […]

He hugs well AND he smells good ?

  Well, heck, maybe I will like Shahrukh Khan as the new host of Kaun Banega Crorepati  after all….. I was pretty bummed back when the announcement of the switchover from AB to SRK came out.   I finally go and sign up for a package of Hindi channels, feverishly anticipating  fresh episodes of KBC […]