Loins of Punjab Presents

  Despite my best  intentions last year, I never got to see the few festival showings of Loins of Punjab Presents in New York.   Then I had to endure all the ads on Indian TV when it released there last autumn, knowing that it would still be ages before the film would come this […]

September 11, 2008

Not filmi, but two stunning programs today about that day 7 years ago: Objects and Memory, a documentary running on PBS, about the project of the same name. 102 Minutes that Changed America, Eyewitness to 9/11,  running on the History channel.

An embarassment of riches

When drowning one’s sorrows in celluloid, it’s gratifying that some of it is so stellar. Am still buoyed up by  recent pleasures such as Rock On, Loins of Punjab Presents, and The Pool.   All three very different films, I’d recommend all (though some small, small reservations with Rock On), and will be writing all […]