To my surprise this evening,   The Imaginasian theater here in NYC was empty just minutes before the 7pm show.   When meself and my three friends sat down, there was only us, plus four other people in the entire theater (a far cry from the last time we met up there, for Kabhi […]

Abhiyum Naanum – too cute

I’m not usually one of those women who fall into rapturous spasms at the sight of tiny baby clothes, but I have to admit that even I said “Awwww” when I caught a glimpse of one of the Abhiyum Naanum posters: The  upcoming Deepavali November release  is about the bond between  fathers and daughters, and […]

Anita Jain

  Note:   Here’s  a piece that I did that appeared in the August 1, 2008 issue of India Abroad.   The filmi connection comes toward the end: Some people consider scaling the side of a mountain as a daring act, for others it’s scheduling two dates on the same evening. And then there’s what […]

Manish Acharya: My trip to filmdom was very scenic

This is the first part of an interview with Manish acharya, the  director, co-writer and actor  of  his successful debut film Loins of Punjab Presents:   Tell me about your background, where you grew up, what you did before  your first film, etc.   I was born in Bombay, to a middle class family.   […]