My Top 5 Secrets ???

I guess that’s what friends are for, to tag you.   Thanks, Sakshi.  

This should be fun.   Let’s see…

1. I once killed a bird.   (While driving in South Dakota.   It rushed out from the side of the road and slammed into the grill.)

2. I once approached the one and only Govinda’s private residence to seek his darshan autograph.   Unfortunately, he had just left with his entourage for the airport.

3.  When I was a little girl and used to ride horses, I  had a crush on John Denver and dreamed of living with him in Aspen, riding horses by day, and being serenaded fireside by night.   Don’t recall exactly how his wife and kids were supposed to fit into that scheme…

4.  As a ‘tween, I used to wear the most hideous blue eye shadow you can imagine, and thought I looked damn good in it.

5. While standing on a long line at passport control at Brussels Airport, my eyes met those of handsome  guy across the departure hall.   Next thing I knew, he was behind me on line.   He  invited me for a coffee and  on my next trip through, we hung out together for a week.

Are these my deepest, darkest?   Ji nahin, baby!   Those only come out over  long, late night phone calls, or a few drinks with friends…

Now for the fun part.   I tag Shoefi, Maja, Beth, T-hype, and Babasko.   (I was tempted to tag Gaurav and see if he would give up  a total of 10 secrets, since Sakshi already got him, but hey, that’s what his blog is for!)     🙂


5 thoughts on “My Top 5 Secrets ???

  1. Will do! If I can remember 5 secrets, hmm … I think most of the embarrassing stuff (eyebrow fixations and the like) are already out in the open 😉

  2. Sounds good, Sakshi. And next time I’m in Bombay, we’re going back for another try chez la Maison Ahuja, yeah?

    Poor Govinda, I just saw him in Salaam-E-Ishq this weekend and I thought he was super, though he didn’t get to dance as much as I’d have liked to see.

  3. Cool…so this means next me in NYC, we have to go for late night drinking binge. What say! 😉

    BTW, saw your Govindaji today…he looked a bit sad. Wonder why?? Maybe cause his party lost the elections.

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