This Canadian short film shows the lengths that Pria (Natasha Chandel), a 15-year-old  South Asian  girl goes to in an  effort to lose her accent, mainly by mimicking lines from favorite movies.   She does this because she fancies a boy she sees every week at a local coffee shop, and she’s convinced he’ll run away if he hears how she speaks.

But she may  be in for a suprise…  

Funniest line from the movie, son replies to father who wonders what the daughter is up to: “She wants to talk like a man.”

You can see this short film here.

This film was screened Friday November 3rd, 2006 at the Indo-American Arts Council’s sixth film festival.


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    Emily Buchanan says

    So Pria is an awsome short…my brother is the the deaf guy! he’s awsome and i love him, and i am so happy to hear such great responces!

  2. 9

    Masale.Wallah says

    Cute little film! Although, I wish life followed art more often and my dating life was in better shape than it is!!

  3. 10


    Hey Filmiholic!!

    I appreciate your review…and thanks for putting up the link so others can view it. I hope they enjoy it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make the screenings in NY but it looked like so much fun! Just to add, PRIA was selected in the Top 7 at NBC Diversity’s Comedy Short Cuts, won their first Online Audience Choice Award and is their Top Rated film on Very happy to be getting a good South Asian story out there, and humbled by everyone’s support. Thank you!! Love and God bless always.


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