7 thoughts on “Kabul Calling

  1. Sure, and I remember when the Taliban was in charge, how they banned Bollywood films. My friends would kid me, saying “Maybe those Taliban guys aren’t all bad.”

  2. Funny thing is that after Kabul was liberated in 2001.
    a dumb CNN reporter asked a store owner with
    poster of Bollywood heroines in the background
    about whether he had heard of Brittany Spears.

    and In another segment on CNN, I heard Talat Mahmmod
    song playing in this bus transporting American troops
    in Baghdad. I guess the bus driver was Indian.

    Accept for Americans, every one in the world has seen Awaara (1951).
    I have been asked by chines, russian, turks, etc about the movie
    when they couldn’t remember the name of movie.
    So it has been going on for long time, especially in Afghanistan
    where Indian movies are very popular.

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