Water for Oscar

  It was just announced that Deepa Mehta’s film Water, Canada’s entry this year for best foreign film at the Academy Awards, has been selected as one of the final group in the running. An earlier  review of  the film is here.

More pix from the Guru press conf

Flash!   Damn, I thought I put the ring in my jacket pocket!   Diamante bindi   Abhiwarya   A.R. Rahman wondering, given that 85% of the questions went to AB 2.0, and 10 to Mani, what he’s doing here   Ash making a point   Abhi sending out coded signals through his very own […]

Polyester vs. Khadi: Guru

  Last year it was Rang de Basanti and Omkara…. now, before the  second week of January 2007 is over, we have  Guru.   Three films, all less slapstick and fanciful than, say, Phir Hera Pheri or Chup Chup Ke, more real, yet still with the vibrant song picturizations and visual lyricism that so many […]