Quick pix from the Guru press conference, NYC

AB 2.0’s watch

AB 2.0’s phone:

A.R. Rahman, Mani Sir, AB 2.0 (Ash was yet to arrive), and, some man’s head:

(The movie was amazing.)

11 thoughts on “Quick pix from the Guru press conference, NYC

  1. There’s nothing to be surprised regarding the Shilpa affair. Politicians and media love to milk any emotive issue for everything that its worth.Can you believe that one of the issues in the recent local elections in some places in India is the hanging of Mr. Saddam Hussein.

    BTW love your blog. There was a passing reference to your blog in the Mumbai Mirror last sunday.

  2. EA, please don’t call it a mullet!

    LR, thanks for visiting and your kind words. “Guru” was good, wasn’t it?

    Joseph, bemvindo, I’ll post a review shortly, hopefully by tonight. Hmm, comments on the engagement. I guess it’ll be memorable for me personally just ‘cos I saw them before (if stories are true) he popped the question, and it’s kinda neat that it allegedly happened in NY, though I really think that the whole thing was and is much more stage-managed than spontaneous.

    Besides, I’m still trying to get my mind around the fact that the UK and Indian goverments have gotten involved in L’Affaire Shetty; don’t any of these guys have anything better to do than intervene in a reality show??

  3. Hey Maria,
    You’re so lucky to have gone to the premiere! I drove 3 hours to Wshington DC to watch it and I must say it was still worth it! Finally a good mainstream Hiindi Movie—100 times better than the overacted,overhyped & majorly overrated ‘Black’. The background score by itself was the worth the price of admission. When are you posting u’r review BTW AND no comments on ‘THE Engagement announcement’?

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