Chak De India hoarding

Talk about synchronicity….the same day that I was chatting with my girlfriends about the movie and its original rhyming five-minute trailer (general consensus: we’re all looking forward to it, I’m not wild about the patchy  stubble on SRK, and the rhyming gimmick got on everyone’s nerves, fast),  Bombay Addict sends me this photo, taken en route to work.   (Thanks, BA!)

(He confirms that is  Urmila in the ad just to the right.)

2 thoughts on “Chak De India hoarding

  1. I spent a lot of time looking at trailers yesterday too! But I love the stubble – which is really strange, because usually I dislike facial hair (although almost anything would be a huge improvement over his current proto-Dorothy Hammill thing). I’m really, really geeked to see SRK in a non-romantic role. I’m anticipating being wowed.

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