7 thoughts on “Sat. night movie on Zee TV: Namak Halal

  1. Does invoke nostalgia now, because of the memories associated with this movie and others during this time. But, objectively, I think Bollywood movies of the 80s were the least creative and no good (most of the time!). Bappi Lahiri, Jeetu, an ageing Dharm paaji and a fading Bachhan… I think the 90s and the decade so far have been much better than that!

  2. I loved this movie. Funny beginning to end, unlike most of his other movies, that got serious and depressing toward the end, where they had the entry of an evil twin (satte pe satta), loss of limbs (many), deaths (many more) and gross tragedy.

    Hilarious. Loved the Dadu and his Alfredino De Costa Rodricks. Could and have watched it millions of times. Smita Patil just dazzled..

  3. That’s the damn weirdest movie I’ve seen yet, I think. Generous, but weird.

    Not that I would turn down a giant framed portrait of late-70s era Shashi Kapoor.

  4. ‘I will kill you’ never sounded so sexy… Remember hearing this song at our Desi parties in college at UT – the dance floor couldn’t fill up fast enough.

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