Signs of Political Animals in NYC

Last week ads for the USA Network‘s summer mini-series Political Animals started appearing around Manhattan. The six-part series stars Sigourney Weaver and (Belfast-born)  Ciáran Hinds as the ersatz Hillary and Bill, here known as Elaine Barrish Hammond and Bud Hammond. Also part of the cast – and in a role that looks like good fun […]

For Zohra-ji on her 100th birthday

This is how I first came to know of her: She was Lady Lili Chatterjee of the MacGregor house in The Jewel in the Crown, the wonderful Granada TV serial adaptation of Paul Scott’s Raj Quartet.  In that role, Zohra Sehgal was elegant and knowing, the very person you would want to live with on […]

NBC’s in love with India

Well, at the very least, is quite fond of India and her many cultural riches. On Monday, April 23rd, the NBC show Smash will have its Bollywood moment: Must say, between Outsourced, Sendhil Ramamurthy’s recurring presence (first on Heroes, now he’s popped up on The Office) and now this number on Smash, NBC seems to […]

Bye-bye Barkha Dutt and NDTV

This is my first Sunday without Barkha Dutt’s We the People in several years now, and it’s been quite an adjustment. I signed on to Directv’s offering of Hindi channels back in 2006 and it wasn’t long before Barkha Dutt was competing with Tim Russert, then David Gregory and Fareed Zakaria for my attention over […]

Abhay Deol interview

Here’s an interview with Abhay Deol appearing in today’s Firstpost that I did when he was here to promote (more about them, their service and the event later). If explicit nudity helps the story, I’ll do it: Abhay Deol Clad in a yellow t-shirt, a navy Armani Exchange blazer and jeans, Abhay Deol breezed through […]