Kailash Kher interview in Khabar

During Kailash Kher’s recent trips into and out of New York over the summer and into the fall, he sat down with me for an interview for Khabar magazine, and talked about about his efforts to reach a wider audience in the US, and also about his two new CDs, Chaandan Mein and Yatra (Nomadic Souls).

Check out the latter for a wonderful new version of Dilruba, where the singer’s voice really stands out.

If you haven’t already caught him in one of his many shows around the US and Canada in the past three months, he’ll be back in November for a few more shows.

photo:  Joy Dutta
photo: Joy Dutta

You can also catch him on MTV India’s reality show called Rock On, except if you’re in the US and have the Directv HindiDirect package, where it becomes something of a challenge (except if you’ve got loads of time to spend in front of the tube trying to catch it, or tons of space on your DVR), but more about that in a separate post………….   (grrrrrrr)

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