Attenborough, Gandhi and Degrees of Separation

With the passing of director Sir Richard Attenborough last week, one couldn’t help but notice the prominence of his Oscar-winning film Gandhi at the top of lists of his most memorable work.  (You can see Sir Ben Kingsley’s Oscar acceptance speech here.) Given the important subject of the film and the huge cast of Indian […]

Irish Film New York: Series Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow evening the IFNY weekend series of new Irish films kicks off with a reception at NYU Glucksman Ireland House at 5:30pm, followed by Steph Green’s Run and Jump – with SNL’s Will Forte in a dramatic role – over at the Cantor Film Center, where all the screenings will take place, through Sunday, October […]

Traveler Ganapati

Some people always carry one or more special items with them whenever they travel; I’m no different. For years now, this small Ganesha, originally purchased in a little shop off Astor Place, has come along with me in my carry-on bag, and sat on nightstands around Asia and Europe for the duration: On this Ganesh Chathurti, when […]

Some Dublin photos

Hello again after a very long time…… After extolling the virtues of visiting Dublin in winter in this piece for the January issue of JetWings, I went over for a winter break myself.  Here’s a few pictures from the trip: Sweet little flowers that I’d never seen before:   I guess you know you’re close […]

The Oranges

I attended a screening of The Oranges as the last hot, steamy days of summer trailed off, and beside wanting to see a film with so many favorite actors (Oliver Platt, Allison Janney, Hugh Laurie, Catherine Keener), I relished the thought of spending 90 minutes watching a holiday comedy set in the weeks between Thanksgiving […]