2nd viewing: Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna


After now having seen Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna  a second time, a few additional observations:

  1. In the scene where Dev tries to give Rhea a massage and ends up with her blue cold cream all over his hands, I previously hadn’t heard SRK say “Jadoo?” to Priety as she rushes away from the bed,   (Jadoo being  the little blue ET-like character in Koi Mil Gaya) and this was actually quite funny.
  2. The letter that Dev receives from Toronto offering him a job is from a Mr. Derek D’Souza, but the letter is clearly unsigned.   (Who cares? you ask.   Normally, I wouldn’t, but if the camera is going to zoom in so close on a document that so much is visible, they should take care of a small, but not unnoticeable, detail  like this.)
  3. I missed  Dev’s closing comment at the first viewing about regretting leaving the path strewn with so many broken hearts.
  4. KJo’s musical references to his own movies:   1) just before the opening credits start, there is a small snippet of a slow version of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai,  2) when Sam is going in the carriage with Rishi to his wedding, the music in the background is from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham (Bole Chudiyan).
  5. At the theater tonight, we had more trailers, including Kabul Express, Dhoom 2, (both seen at the first viewing)and,  Don.
  6. I cried more at the second viewing, but still not as much as Rani.

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  2. Hello

    I´ve a question! Has anybody a download of Dhoom 2004 on his computer, that anybody is able to send me this??I would be very pleased of that! Please answer me!! My computer ´doesn´t download it!!!!!

    Thank you and hear from you!

  3. Hindi movies are hot property these days, with cable channels being viewable here. I think the rest of the world is amazed at the glamour indian movies have to offer and ofcourse ur music has got a globalized effect to it, making it enjoyable to non indians aswell. way to go!
    By the way, any reccomendations on upcoming movies?

  4. Oh Jasmine, if you can rent it, try and see the original. Amitabh Bachchan and Zeenat Aman are totally cool, and Helen’s amazing in the “Yeh Mera Dil” number. I’ve seen clips on Indian TV of Kareena Kapoor doing the same item number with SRK and it really pales by comparison.

    Are Hindi movies very popular by you? I was in Colombo a few years back but didn’t see too many ads in the papers or too many on TV.

  5. Hey again,
    Thanks for filling me in. I caught the trailer of Don during the KANK screening. Looks pretty cool, but hey, I havent seen the original so that makes me ignorant (lol). Us Sri Lankans have grown to appreciate hindi cinema alot lately, especially since they release movies on the worldwide release dates 🙂
    Once again, great blog! Keep rockin’ 🙂

  6. Hi Jasmine, thanks!

    The very beginning is so rushed, but I think they did mention just that Kirron Kher was the caterer, and SRK was her son and had come by to take her home, but since things started late, she told him, “go ahead without me”.

  7. hey, great review!
    I think the only saving face of the movie is abhi! I am not a big fan of him but I must say he truly impresses! SRK disappoints 🙁
    One thing left me totally confused, maybe I missed it but how did kirron kher appear to organize the rani-abhi wedding???? and what was srk doing there?

  8. Oh TBS, I saw a show on NDTV tonight – Just Books – where you would run rings around them. Your language is bringing back memories of grad school and late nights reading Luis de Gongora and Rafael Alberti. 🙂

    What about Umrao Jaan, you not looking forward to that one? Or is it too close (in years) to the original, which is why I have my doubts about Don.

    I’d love to see another movie with AB père as the only lead character, or one of a very few, as in Black, before too much more time passes.

  9. Hey hey – isn’t that the secret to being a successful academic? Take something straightforward and apply really technical terms to it?! Wait till I start talking about Johar’s meta-narratives and self reflexive methodologies…:)

    On a more sober (soberer?) note, I’m a bit distressed, because other than a rather postponed release for Dhoom 2 & Kabul Express, I can’t think of any big releases to look forward to!

    As far as the Thrills things go, unless Shah Rukh was trying to protect little old aunty jis from having heart attacks, his thrill sequences could do with some jazzing up…

  10. Oops, in case people think I am just spewing random facts out of nowhere, Maja, my previous comment was in response to your question about the “Thrills” credit!

  11. Shah Rukh directed the soccer match in KANK and I believe he was largely responsible for the basketball games in KKHH. I saw an interview (maybe it was part of the making of KANK) where K.Jo said that he has no knowledge of either of the two sports and so had Shah Rukh handle those scenes.
    Will Arjun make the goal…or won’t he…
    Will Anjali beat Rahul, yet again…
    Thrilling indeedy!

  12. I noticed it in KKHH already (it was one of my first Bollywood movies, so I was paying special attention to everything, I guess), see? I thought maybe this was the thrill they meant – at least I was thrilled during that bit 😉 But then, he gets wet in pretty much every movie, so … *shrug*

  13. TBS, “intertextuality”, wow, I am sure that is the most erudite word every uttered in relation to a Karan Johar film!

    Michael, so sorry to hear that. Wish I could help.

    Maja, good question, and something I didn’t observe. And inside joke perhaps?

  14. Btw, can someone explain the “Thrills” credit to me? The only movies where I noticed it so far were Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and KANK, both times it was “Thrills: Shahrukh Khan” during the credits at the beginning of the movies. What thrills, what does that mean?

  15. oh, there are people going a second time in it? interesting *gg
    its a shame, here in germany no infos yet if and when its available for cinema release. i suppose i’t to wait for the dvd, as ever.

  16. hey,

    I actually missed the Jadoo comment as well, which sounds hysterical…though going back for a second time is impressive.

    We had trailers for Kabul & Dhoom 2. Kabul looks like a great movie – the cinematography is fantastic. I loved the way they end the trailer – with all four actors pointing into the camera going, “Osama bin Laden?”

    You can’t beat Johar for his own intertextuality… but the “Bole Chudiyaan” from K3G playing in the baraat was kinda cute.

  17. It was o.k., it reminded me a bit of Dhoom 2, a lot of sleek cars, clothes, weapons. Priyanka Chopra looked pretty. I just wonder how this movie will be, given how solid (and not so old) the original is. Plus, as fond as I am of SRK, I really wonder can he do something different in Don.

  18. *lol* at number 6! Re. Jadoo, yes! I noticed that. I guess it was good I watched KMG after all 😉

    How is the Don trailer? We had Dhoom 2, Kabul Express and Lago Rahe Munna Bhai (with no subtitles!).

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