A.R. Rahman concert – Nassau Coliseum

Last night was the big kickoff to A.R. Rahman’s post-Oscar win tour of the U.S. and Europe.  

He started at Nassau Coliseum out on Long Island, and tonight he is in Atlantic City.  

Here are some pictures from the concert:  

One thought on “A.R. Rahman concert – Nassau Coliseum

  1. Shortest American tour on record…did you see pictures from the chaos at the Detroit arena? I actually worked on the costumes for the better part of the week in Virginia, and they nicely gave me tickets to see the show on the Sunday after you saw it. I thought it was a very nice show, but almost too much at times…sensory overload with the music, dancing, projections, etc. I didn’t really know where to look sometimes. But it was much more streamlined than it was in dress rehearsal, let me tell you. They mad real progress in just three days, and the dancers… I have never seen dancers work that hard in all the years I’ve been in theater. I hope the European dates and the new American dates go well for them.

    Filmi, you didn’t say what you thought of it? I’d be interested to know.

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